Matcha tea has gained immense popularity in World recently. The name "抹茶" (mattya or matcha) translates from Japanese as "ground tea." Contrary to common myth, this tea was invented in China, not in Japan as commonly believed. During the Tang Dynasty in China (618-907 AD), tea leaves were roasted and ground into a powder, which was then brewed with salt and mint. During the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD), powdered tea became more popular: it was brewed by pouring hot water over the tea powder in a cup and whisking it with a bamboo whisk until a frothy layer formed. The preparation of powdered tea became a ritual among the Chan Buddhists. They brought tea to Japan along with Buddhism. This led to the formation of the Zen school and the transformation of the tea-drinking process into a complex ceremony with many rules and conventions.

"A person who has not drunk tea is out of harmony with the universe."

Japanese proverb

In the modern world, powdered tea has gained popularity due to its invigorating properties and high vitamin content. Nowadays, you can buy this tea in many specialized stores and even in the mass market, as the simpler grade of powder is used in tea cocktails and culinary applications.‍

We offer matcha tea grown and produced in China, in the Zhejiang province, in a large certified production facility. On our website, you will find two options for powdered tea - ceremonial matcha and a simple, everyday variation.

Health benefits

To make powdered tea, young leaves of the early vegetative stage are used, and minimal processing is involved. As a result, we obtain a highly concentrated powder rich in beneficial elements that are easily absorbed by the body. With just one bowl of matcha, you will experience vitality, vitamins, and energy boosts for the entire day!

Research has shown that matcha antioxidant levels are nearly 140 times higher than regular green tea varieties. Additionally, this beverage contains the amino acid L-theanine, which uplifts and stabilizes mood without caffeine side effects. Matcha is also abundant in calcium, potassium, and vitamins A, B, C, E, and K. Moreover, the powdered form is easily and rapidly absorbed by the body.

How to brew matcha?

You will need powdered tea, a bamboo whisk for whisking, a chawan (tea bowl) for tea preparation, and a special bamboo spoon.

Prepare your Utensils. Heat the chawan before use and wipe it dry. Also, slightly moisten the bamboo whisk, and wipe the bamboo spoon dry to remove dust.

Prepare hot water (80-85°C) and add one spoonful of powdered tea to the chawan. For a stronger tea, use approximately 50ml of water for 4g of matcha. For a milder tea, use 100ml of water for 2g.

Slowly pour hot water over the powder, immerse the whisk, mix the contents of the bowl, and whisk the tea gently until frothy.

Drink the entire beverage, including the finely ground green tea leaves. Enjoy the invigorating and beneficial effects!

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