A beginner tea enthusiast quickly realizes the need for proper tea utensils when exploring Chinese tea. With the right equipment, the brewing process becomes more convenient, and the tea itself tastes better. In this article, we will discuss what you should consider purchasing as a beginner. Our recommendations will vary based on how deeply you are willing to dive into tea culture.

 Teapot: I'm just starting out.

The teapot is a modern Chinese teapot used for steeping tea. It consists of a bowl used for brewing tea and a pitcher into which the tea is poured once it's ready. The teapot comes with a lid and a button for easy pouring into the pitcher. Essentially, it replaces three items: a teapot, a cha hai (a sharing pitcher), and a strainer. This type of teapot can be used for any type of tea, takes up minimal space, and will serve you well for many years. Thanks to its modern design, it will fit seamlessly into any interior.

If you're not yet ready to buy a full tea set and want to start with just one item, we recommend the teapot.

The teapot will steep any tea beautifully, save space on your shelf, and complement any tableware.

Chinese teapot and tea set: Complete tea ceremony set

You've determined that tea is not just a passing interest for you. It's a serious and long-term passion. That means you need a serious and high-quality set that will serve you for many years. The complete tea happiness set looks like this:

Teapot or gaiwan. Initially, it may be challenging to choose, but there's a simple rule: if you prefer light teas, go for a gaiwan, and if you prefer dark ones, choose a Yixing teapot.

Cha hai. It's used to ensure that the tea doesn't get overstepped and that each participant in the tea session gets tea of the same strength.

Teacups. Divide the volume of the cha hai by the number of participants in your tea session—this is the volume you need for your teacups. The material and design depend on your preferences.

Chaban. A tea tray makes your tea session much more convenient. Find out why it's needed and how to choose one in the complete guide to tea trays

Separately for those who love Pu-erh
If you brew pressed teas most of the time, then we strongly recommend that you purchase a tea knife.

This way you will keep the tea leaf as whole as possible, which will make your tea more delicious.

For tea with a softer press, it is better to choose a flat knife, and for hard, aged pu-erh, a sharp awl is more suitable.

Another useful item to consider is a Pu-erh pancake cutting board.

Choose the teaware that suits your preferences. Perhaps you prefer a simple thermos instead of all this. Maybe you'll start with a complete tea set right away. The most important thing is that you enjoy it and that it's of good quality.

Drink good tea and stay good people!

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