We have collected in one article 4 ways to brew delicious Chinese tea. Use our instructions, and any tea will give you maximum taste and aroma. Each of them is simple and describes a specific instruction with exact numbers. Having mastered these methods, you can adapt from under yourself and find the perfect recipe.

Before we start, we'll mention the most important ingredient in a delicious tea. Of course, we are talking about water. Use bottled water: High-quality water improves the quality of tea drinking at times.

Method 1: Traditional Chinese tea party

Subtle disclosure of all shades of taste.
Perfect choice for red, green, or white tea, oolong tea, and loose or lightly pressed pu-erh. Pay more attention if you brew tightly pressed pu-erh or tightly rolled teas.
Minimal set of dishes: small teapot or gaiwancha hai, cups.

Instruction manual
We put a lot of tea leaves in the teapot / gaiwan: 4-5 grams per 3.4 OZ ( 100ml ).
Fill with water 180-212°F°. The choice of temperature depends on the type of tea.
Quickly, after about 3-5 seconds, pour the infusion into the cha hai, and from it into cups.
Repeat 4-6 times, gradually increasing the exposure. Optimal temp: 5 seconds longer with each brew.

Suitable for attentive and meditative tea drinking.

Method 2: infusion

Thick flavor concentrate and saves time
The ideal choice is tightly pressed Shu Pu-erh or old Sheng Pu-erh, tightly rolled teas, soft green and white teas, and red ones. Less suitable for fresh green tea, most of the oolong, young sheng.
Dishes: large teapot or teapot.

Instruction manual:
We put the tea leaves in the container. You need 10-12 grams per 34 OZ ( 1000 ml ) of volume.
Pour slightly cooled boiling water 190-200°F°.
We wait 3-4 minutes.
We pour it into a large cup for ourselves or pour it into bowls for friends at a tea party.

If you choose a large glass teapot, you can watch the tea leaves open there.

Method 3: Sichuan Tea Party

Tea party directly from gaiwan. Severe minimalism in dishes and body movements. This option is common in Sichuan, where green tea is drunk directly from gaiwan.
Suitable for almost any tea, requires a minimum of tea utensils.
Tableware: Gaiwan

Instruction manual:
We put 3 grams of tea leaves per 3.4 OZ ( 100ml ) of volume.
Pour boiling water 180-190°F°.
Insist for 30-60 seconds.
We drink slowly directly from gaiwan, holding the tea leaves with a lid. When 1/3 of the infusion remains in gaiwan, pour boiling water again.

Suitable for a private tea party, a convenient option at work.

Method 4: camping

Take hot tea everywhere.
It is best to choose Shu Pu-erh or red tea, also suitable for white tea, GABA oolong, and soft green.
Necessary tea utensils: thermos flask.

Instruction manual:
We throw 6-10 grams of tea per 34 OZ ( 1000 ml ) of volume into a heated thermos. We recommend using more Shu Pu-erh and GABA oolong, and less white and green oolong.
Fill with steep 212°F° boiling water.
We take a thermos flask with us on the road.
After an hour, the tea is ready and you can drink it all day long.

Drink delicious tea anytime, anywhere with a convenient thermos flask.

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