At the tea ceremony, you will see the link between the teapot and the cup: Cha Hai (Gong Dao Bei). This is a small vessel that resembles a milkman to many. It is believed that it is absolutely necessary at tea parties where more than one person is present.

At a tea party for two, you cannot do without Cha Hai (Gong Dao Bei).

How does the name translate?

Its main name 茶海 (cháhǎi) poetically translates as "sea of tea". It is mainly used in mainland China. Also often found is the Taiwanese name "gundaobei" (公道道, gōngdàobēi) — the cup of justice.

Why is Cha Hai (Gong Dao Bei) needed?

After brewing in a teapot or gaiwan, the drink is filled into Cha Hai (Gong Dao Bei) and then poured into cups from it. If you drink tea alone, then it is not necessary to use it.

Why is Cha Hai (Gong Dao Bei) convenient?

Allows you to control the fortress. If you pour tea from a teapot / gaiwan immediately into cups, each subsequent cup will get stronger. If you pour the whole infusion into Cha Hai (Gong Dao Bei) at once, then you get the same strength for all participants of the tea party. That is why it is called the cup of justice.

It is convenient to divide tea equally among all participants. For example, it is much more difficult to pour evenly straight from the gaiwan (this requires a certain gunfu). That's because the gaiwan is covered with a lid, and you don't see how much infusion is left inside. Therefore, use Cha Hai (Gong Dao Bei) so as not to offend anyone.

Makes it possible to freeze the infusion. In Cha Hai (Gong Dao Bei), you can hold tea that is too hot for a while so that it cools down to a comfortable temperature. At the same time, it will not be over brewed.

It's easier to give up the sieve. During a tea party without a tea sieve, you can wait for a while until the small tea leaves settle to the bottom. So they won't get into the cups.

Aesthetics. Cha Hai (Gong Dao Bei) made of glass or white porcelain will allow you to admire the color of the infusion, while Cha Hai (Gong Dao Bei) with complex designs will decorate any tea scene.

How to choose a Cha Hai (Gong Dao Bei)?

It's easy to buy a Cha Hai (Gong Dao Bei). You should only consider three factors when choosing: its volume, its design, and its appearance.

The volume is selected for the volume of the kettle / gaiwan. Usually, the nominal volume of utensils is indicated in stores, so the volume of Cha Hai (Gong Dao Bei) should be slightly larger. When tea is not filled to the brim, it is more convenient to use it. For example, for a 200 ml gaiwan, you need at least 250 ml of Cha Hai (Gong Dao Bei).

It is best to take a model with a handle if this is your first Cha Hai (Gong Dao Bei): it will prevent you from getting burned. If you are already an experienced tea enthusiast, then pay attention to the Cha Hai (Gong Dao Bei), similar to a bowl with a spout. For example, such as:

Everything is simple regarding appearance: just take what you like. If this is your first tea set, we still recommend buying a glass Cha Hai (Gong Dao Bei). It will fit any kettle, and through the glass, you can see the color of the infusion.

Stay healthy, drink plenty of tea, and use Cha Hai (Gong Dao Bei)!

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